Structural Visits

Homes, Multi-Family Dwellings, Offices, Factories, etc.

These include a visit and a report.

Structural visits are usually performed as a walk-through of the building lasting approximately one hour for a single home, but will increase over time and scope for larger structures.

They may relate to a client’s own specific structural concern or to the entire structure.

These visits are based on our observations, qualifications, and over 30 years experience.

Following the visit, a report will be written, illustrated with pictures of the specific or typical structural concerns indicating our observations and general recommendations. This report will be signed and stamped.

Potential buyer of a home or commercial building:

As you are considering the purchase of a home or commercial building the general inspector or you may notice potential problems with the structure of the building.

We can provide the following services to assist you in your decision process:

  • Inform you on the importance, hazard, or emergency related to observed problems
  • Investigate structural problems by giving an idea of how these problems could be resolved.
  • If the building is purchased, we can then provide the new owner with the necessary structural plans to address these conditions.
  • We may find other structural issues not noticed before our visit.
  • We can help you design extentions, roof decks, remove or relocate walls
  • Recommend a specialized contractor for this type of work.

The seller of a home or commercial building:

When selling your home or building it is often a good idea to address any structural issues to ensure a quicker, easier sale. We are available to help you by providing the following services:

  • To give the owner an idea how to resolve a structural problem during an initial structural visit.
  • Design and draw the required structural plans and details for the repair.
  • We could recommend a specialized contractor who could implement the structural repair.
  • Once the work is being performed, the structural engineer can then supervise the progress.
  • Once completed, we will write an official letter to inform the client that the structural problems of concern have been resolved.
  • Recommend a specialized contractor for this type of work

The owner of a recently built home, multi-family dwelling or office.

When you have purchased a recently constructed building, you hope not to see any structural issues for many years to come, but often this is not the case.

Being fully educated on what the problems are and the projected immediacy necessary for repairs is a must.

Call us and we will…

  • observe an existing structure when there are concerns about proper construction of the structure or its foundations.
  • provide our educated opinion on the construction drawings and/or the construction of the structure. At times we will inform you whether the plans were respected during the construction of the structure.
  •  if needed, we can help you design and execute the necessary structural plans to reinforce any deficient structural condition.
  •  if required, we can help as an expert witness in legal matters including court appearances, arbitration, negotiations with other parties, and with the interpretation of the state building code.
  • We can help you in the structural design of any addition, roof deck, removal of partitions or change of use such as garage or barn conversion.