Foundation Evaluation and Repair

New or existing buildings that have been built without a structural or geotechnical engineer, as a result, are at times improperly built on organic or loose soil which is unable to support the foundations. Consequently, buildings with improper foundations will often crack because of the development of differential settlements.

At times foundation cracks are caused by the shrinkage of the concrete or the horizontal push from earth or winter frost. These problems are less expensive to repair than differential settlements.

We can help you investigate, diagnose, and design the repair of these problems. We can also serve, if necessary, as expert witnesses in legal matters.

We can help you make your basement more functional by lowering the slab and thus giving you more ceiling height and headroom.

We can help you select a specialized contractor for a specific type of foundation problem. Once the plans are made and the contractor is hired, we will act on your behalf by observing the progress of the construction to ensure that the plans are properly implemented.