Exterior Masonry Walls Evaluation and Repair

Our first step is to investigate the masonry elevation of buildings:  cracks, bulges, repointing, rebuilding, spalling, lintels, sills, parapets, front stairs, etc. Regarding this primary investigation, we will write a report illustrated with pictures describing our observation of problems and our general recommendations.

Upon your decision on how to proceed given our evaluation, we are able to provide you with elevation drawings indicating masonry or concrete problems as well as our recommendations, details, and design necessary to address the concerns.

We also have a long history of working with Boston area professionals and would be able to recommend contractors who specialize in the particular type of work required for your wall. We then can supervise the repair work and, once finished, provide you with a letter indicating that the work has been completed according to our recommendations.

Exterior wood wall of buildings evaluation and repair we will provide you with     the proper investigation and structural drawings of damaged exterior wood wall: Rot and insect damages of sill plates bulges, improper or dangerous balcony or exterior decks, etc.